Hello World…

So… I’ve had a blog for a while, but I’m not sure I was really ‘doing it right.’ I’ve always written – I’m 40 now – and over the years I’ve gathered together forty or fifty short pieces that I’m really proud of, written two novels and some plays. I guess I thought that I’d […]

Why I write…

To learn to write about myself But not become a bore, To learn to look into the heart of myself But feel no shame for what I saw; To create another’s biography That’s honest and deep and aware, But hide the preliminary autopsy, The self-conscious autobiography, And create another who’s self-unaware. Strip back the layers […]


The world around resounds with sounds – Revolution? Revelation? One nation? When again? Never. One planet Under natural law, We’re only monkeys after all. — After a fall It’s time to begin again, A mistake is a time when You learn to stand tall, See the score. They’re only monkeys wanting more, Just children playing […]

Tonight I’m Gonna Go Running

Tonight I’m gonna go running Feel the streets pass underneath me stretching out before me and next to me the sea will smash a path cause I’m not stopping Tonight I’m gonna go running my feet pounding like a heartbeat heavy rhythmic drumming but light cause they’re not stopping At the end of the road […]

The Classics are Rubbish

Some people try to flower their verse with metaphor, simile, rhyme, or any other literary mediums available to them; They use long words, or even worse long dead tales, from a long dead time, and expect us to do the homework. That’s all very well, they say what they say to the few who can […]

On coalitions and socialism

At the heart of western politics is a simple divide: Left and Right. Amongst other things, the Right believe that competition will drive society forward, while the Left believe that by working together the sum total of our achievements will be greater. The Right thrives by dividing people, and then saying ‘look, we told you […]

Haiku no. 1

Poetry’s like burn ‘ing pressure slowly removed. But not for that long.

Miss You

I had you And for a while the whole world loved to know When we spent time I knew you were the one, I guess I’d always known I don’t know I don’t know why you did it why you left the floor I’m sorry Or maybe it was nothing I’d not done a long, […]


He placed a small box onto the table. Ornate carvings it had none; Gilt and gold was not its thing. In fact It was hard to see the colour really; It was almost hard to see. But it was there: A small box, sitting on the worn green leather top of a wide wooden desk, […]

International Men’s Day 2018: Four Men

I knew a man once whose wife left him. She said he was boring and she wanted no more of him. So she took his daughter to a commune in Wales, And to see his child he drove four hundred miles. For seven years his girl was raised by a poet half his age; A […]

Fragile Angel

She’s a fragile angel standing at the crack of doom, Shuffling herself around to get a little room; Before she takes the leap into all to come, And wakes up from her sleep to the sound of art’s dark drum. Her wings are airbrushed, ruffling, in a breeze that’s quite divine, Her eyes are focused […]

The problem’s the matter, not the method

Two years ago I left a successful career as a copywriter to become an English teacher, and now I feel like I’ve entered Room 101. It wouldn’t be so bad except that I’m expected to teach 1984 while standing in the middle of it… Not long ago I saw a grown woman break down in […]

Spring 2017

Spring has sprung, winter’s song’s sung: The Tinder times with Swipes and wipes, And occasionally the longer nights That sometimes come when the sun beds down. But spring has sprung, And this year’s song is still waiting to be sung. But do we belong in this world that we’re seeing? With Ronald Dump plonking his […]