self-portrait-200x187I’ve always written poetry. Originally it was just for the buzz of writing something that sounded as good as I could make it; then it became a kind of need; then came the pressure… and now I’m hoping I can move on from some of that and just enjoy it again.

Below you’ll find a range of poetry from across the ages. Some of it has commentary, some stands alone; some of them even have an MP3 recording!

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Shine So Hard
Brian McCarthy
The Case for the Defence of George W. Bush – with audio
Fragile Angel
Going Back to School

Haikus – Feb 2017
Running – with audio
Song 8
Spring 2017
We Live As Once We Did

Graham Hall
A Better Man
Be Good To All The People
Blood Hound
Broken Seed
Dreaming of Flight
I Can’t Take You Back
Miss You
Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
The Ballad of an Unknown Gaol
The Dancer
The Devil is My Father
The Liar
The Lonesome Death of Mike Malone’s Estranged Twin Brother – with audio
The Price
The Wait
To Fill A Blank Space
When We Woke Up
You Came

Billy’s Dad
Cowboy Dave
Four Men
The Stropopolus
The Train Arrives
You Were the One Who Had the Affair

Add All Essence
A Dream
An Argument Against Ponsy Writing
Don’t Get Confused
Milking Words with audio
This Poem is Factually Incorrect:
Three Parts

The Blunder Years
The Black and the White
The Maze
Too Many People?
When the Land Was New
Who From Among You
Why I write…

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