The Problem’s the matter, not the method

Two years ago I left a successful career as a copywriter to become an English teacher, and now I feel like I’ve entered Room 101. It wouldn’t be so bad except that I’m expected to teach 1984 while standing in the middle of it… Not long ago I saw a grown woman break down inContinue Reading

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Was Macbeth really ambitious…?

Is Macbeth Shakespeare’s most misunderstood character? Abstract: The argument proposed is that Macbeth can’t really be considered ambitious since he repeatedly said that he didn’t want to kill the king; he says that he’d never even imagined being king before; he he had no involvement in – and in fact actively objective to – theContinue Reading

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How to fix education on the cheap (and why no-one’s talking about it)

The British education system is currently the third highest funded in the world, our teachers work the longest hours in Europe, and yet we’re still lagging behind on the Pisa rankings. On the back of this data, it would be reasonable to assume that the problem has nothing to do with funding, or the effortContinue Reading

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10 Ways to Improve Education

As a challenge, I’ve made a list of ten things that I think students need to understand in order to take part in contemporary society, most of which are only brushed over by the current system: An understanding of the political process – including a broad understanding of the core ideals of the major politicalContinue Reading

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Films For Schools: Watership Down

One of the keys to introducing kids to big ideas is making them accessible. There really is no point in going to a classroom with Thomas Aquinas if they’re left scratching their heads like WTF? But that doesn’t mean big ideas can’t come into the classroom – in fact they really should – but theContinue Reading

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The importance of reading: In defence of Dickens

Reading has always been a core part of the curriculum, but should this remain the case as we go forward? What does reading do that makes it so important; and, going forward, how could we re-structure the activity to make sure it becomes even more capable of doing what we require of it? First ofContinue Reading

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Who’s to blame for Brexit? Education, Education, Education…

I became a teacher four years ago because I wanted to make a difference to our collective future. I’m not a pessimist but I know enough to know that politicians are corrupt, the rich are too rich, the population’s too big, and the ecology’s about to collapse. Overall, I knew enough to know that troubleContinue Reading

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Education: A Sisyphean Task

Imagine you arrived at work one morning and your boss asked you to move a pile of bricks. It takes you all morning, but you move them. Then, after lunch, they tell you to move them back again. Obviously, you’re going to think they’re a bit of a muppet. What are they doing? But, hey, you’reContinue Reading

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